That Sinking Feeling DVD – your thoughts

This past few weeks has seen the release on DVD of Local Hero and Gregory’s Girl director Bill Forsyth’s first film, the charming That Sinking Feeling.

Set in 1980 Glasgow, it tells of four teenagers who decide to pull off the heist of the century…involving kitchen sinks and dressing up as girls.

I write in Friday’s Evening News how this new release is actually the version screened in America in 1984, complete with posh Glasgow accents dubbed onto the cast, including John-Gordon Sinclair, in case the “foreign” audience didn’t understand the originals.

The DVD owners are quite open about the fact that the original version of the film is now in a bad state and that they’ve released the best version they could.

Fair enough, but why not add an alternate voice track to the DVD with the actors real voices? The old VHS version was correct and that can be bought of eBay for a fiver.

I think this is travesty, that Bill Forsyth is possibly our greatest living Scottish director – unless you know better – and that releasing a dubbed version of his film is tantamount to destroying a Scottish national treasure.

Or is it just me? Have your say below.

2 thoughts on “That Sinking Feeling DVD – your thoughts

  1. Right with you Jonathan – what an absolute travesty. Bill Forsyth has been capable of producing some of the most endearing pieces of work; they have a sensitivity yet to be re-encountered.
    Not a purchase I'm likely to make.

  2. Scott says:

    I wish I had read reviews before making this purchase. An alternate soundtrack could have been added. My US copy of Gregory's Girl has two soundtracks – English and Scottish.

    2Entertain should be ashamed of themselves.


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