Look out for free B’s

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but it’s worth stating again: I love watching old movies, especially cheesy old B-movies which hardly ever see the light of day on TV.

Luckily the Internet is goldmine for Westerns, sci-fi flicks and other odds and ends which would otherwise vanish into the archives, and a lot of it can be seen for free.

In my mission to uncover some gems, here are a few choice cuts from AMCTV B-Movie Classics, a website which has a bundle of golden(ish) oldies to choose from. My top three from their selection is as follows:

The Ruthless Four (1968)

Giorgio Capitani’s Spaghetti Western (so-called because they were filmed on the cheap in Spain, usually doubling for the American Wild West) stars Van Heflin and Klaus Kinski in a tale of greed and guns which probably didn’t give Clint Eastwood too many worries on its original release. Although rough around the edges, it is an antidote to the usual glossy Westerns.


Creation of the Humanoids (1962)

I first saw this movie last year on the big screen at the Edinburgh Film Guild and thoroughly enjoyed its oddness. It’s been described as a precursor to Blade Runner, but only in that in that it features robots as humans who often don’t know they’re actually robots. Bonkers, but great fun.


The Hellfire Club (1960)

This one is co-written by Minder creator Leon Griffiths and co-stars Last of the Summer Wine’s Bill Owen and, as the blurb puts it, a deposed aristocrat, Satanists and Peter Cushing.


I’ll have a look around for more oddities over the coming months, in the meantime feel free to let me know of any other good freebies out there in the comments below.

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