For festive cheer, forget Avatar and watch Santa vs Martians

Christmas may be a time for giving and peace to all men, but for me it’s also a time to kick back with a bundle of DVDs and the TV remote as I overdose on films for a fortnight.

As there’s only a few hours until the big day it’s a bit pointless recommending any boxsets, but I thought I’d highlight a few films coming up on TV that I think are worth checking out, with an internet oddity thrown in for good measure.

Firstly, I’ll mention that Avatar is screening tonight on Sky Movies Premiere only so you know to avoid it. Yes, it looks pretty but that’s about it.

Instead, on Christmas Day look out for The Muppet Christmas Carol (C4, 8.50am) followed by The Man Who Would Be King (BBC2, 12.55pm). If you’re Muppets obsessed then turning to Fiver at 5.10pm will bring you 2008’s A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa, but that clashes with Doctor Who on BBC1, so on your own head be it.

On Boxing Day there’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit (BBC1, 9.45am), which I’ve been wanting to watch again for ages; Disney’s live action fairytale, Enchanted (BBC1, 3.25pm), which I’ve yet to see but hear great things about; and film noir Farewell My Lovely (BBC4, 10.40pm) which deserves to be seen at any time of the year.

Also look out for John Wayne film, True Grit on Thursday 30 (C4, 1.40pm), a chance to watch the original before the Coen Brothers’ remake arrives in January.

Finally, for one of the oddest films of the season, get yourself over to YouTube to watch 1964’s Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

It’s the middle of Septober(?) on Mars and the Martian children have been watching Earth broadcasts discussing Christmas. Deciding that their offspring deserve presents, the Martians decide to kidnap Santa and take him back with them, only for Santa to fight back against the pesky aliens.

It’s as bad as it sounds yet oddly compelling at the same time. It’s also been voted one of the worst films ever made, which makes it a must watch in my book.

Those are just a handful of films to try this holiday but I’m always looking out for more, so let me know over on Twitter or leave your film choices below.

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