Show People at the 2012 Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema

A few weeks ago I found myself returning to the town of Bo’ness here in Scotland for the opening night of the second annual Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema.

Taking place in the Bo’ness Hippodrome, Scotland’s oldest purpose-built cinema which celebrates its centenary this year, Friday 16 March saw the organisers screen the 1928 King Vidor silent comedy, Show People, starring Marion Davies and William Haines as Peggy Pepper and Billy Boone.

I won’t go into too much detail on the film, which is a joy from start to finish, undoubtedly inspired The Artist (even if the director won’t admit it) and deserves a DVD release pronto, as I’ve written about it at length on my other site, ReelScotland.

Over there you’ll also find the following video I shot with silent film pianist, Neil Brand, a man who knows his movies and has had a lot of time to think about just what it is that makes them so special for modern audiences.

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One thought on “Show People at the 2012 Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema

  1. Grace Rellie says:

    You completely understand where I’m coming from. Lillian Gish once said that when the movies talked, America and the world lost most of thier audiances. We now had to dubb another person’s voice into the picture or we had to add subtitles that caused us to lose a great deal of what was happening.

    In the silent era, all studios had to do was have different cue cards for the different countries. This made all movies accessable to all nations that were interested. What a shame we miss out on so many things because of the miracle of sound.

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