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Vote for The A-Team!

Those clever people over at the marketing department for the upcoming movie version of The A-Team have come up with a cunning plan worthy of Hannibal himself: they’ve mocked up a series of UK election-style posters featuring everyone’s favourite soldiers of fortune canvassing for your vote.

It’s a nice idea, my favourite being Murdock’s raving looney version, which will make perfect sense to any fans of the original 1980s programme but probably very little to anyone brought up on repeats of Friends or 27 series of Big Brother. I pity the fools.

Just don’t pause for too long thinking about the sense behind these posters, as the whole point of the series/film is that The A-Team are trying to stay out of the limelight and having their faces plastered over billboards might not be the smartest move.

They’re also based in the Los Angeles underground, making canvassing visits to UK constituencies rather tricky and whether they’d legally be able to stand for election here is debatable…

A new viral video has also appeared online which is worth a watch.

The A-Team is released in the UK on 30 July.