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Another classic film blog?

Hollywood, April 2011

Hollywood, April 2011

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. In a world stuffed full of film blogs, does it really need another, this time based in Edinburgh, Scotland and focusing on classic movies from through the ages?

I think so.

I’ve been writing about film in various places for the last few years, discussing the latest Hollywood output in the pages of a local newspaper, the Edinburgh Evening News, or happenings around Scotland as part of ReelScotland, but time and again I find myself returning to the topic of old movies, mostly those made before I was born.

Convinced that to ignore our shared cinematic heritage is a Very Bad Idea, the joy of discovering a film that was made in the 1920s is, for me, exactly the same as heading to the local multiplex and stumbling upon something great made this year.

Following a trip to Los Angeles in early 2011, where I attended the second TCM Classic Film Festival, I’ve realised that I need an outlet to discuss the type of films I’m willing to travel thousands of miles to watch in a darkened room. Speaking to actors such as The Trouble with Harry’s Jerry Mathers, it seemed I wasn’t alone in having a fondness for classic cinema.

TCM also confirmed my suspicions that classic movie fans are some of the nicest and smartest people around, equipped with the sort of knowledge about films made decades before they were born that tends to make me feel (slightly) better educated when I have a chat with them in person or online.

I’ll look back at cinema from all countries and eras, with a heavy focus on Hollywood’s Golden Age, from the 1920s to the 1960s. I’ll try to cover the very best films, actors, writers, producers, foley artists, gaffers and whoever else deserves a mention, along the way.

With the wealth of titles now available on DVD, Blu-ray and online, I’ll never be short of things to discuss, and I’ll also mention screenings of some of these films on the big screen, where they really belong. Add to that reviews of new books and special events plus the occasional interview, and there should be something here for most classic movie fans.

As for the blog’s title, Holyrood is a part of Scotland’s capital city which has little relevance to cinema apart from the fact that it sounds a bit like Hollywood. Simple really.

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